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Your Favorite Brands of Holistic Dog & Cat Foods

Merlin's stocks some of the brands below in-store and can order ALL of the following -

Order by phone:
  • Simply text/call  (806) 416-8467 at your convenience.

  • Let us know who you are, what you’d like, or ask a question.

  • You’ll receive a return call promptly between 10:30am-6pm to confirm your order or answer questions.

Order by email
  • Send an email asking questions or to place an order.

  • You’ll receive a reply before the end of the business day.

  • If you’ve emailed an order request, you’ll receive confirmation and be told when you can expect delivery.

Order Form

What payment methods are accepted?

What payment method would you prefer? Cash, checks (as long as they don’t bounce), debit, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are all accepted. Credit Cards are subject to a 3% surcharge.

If paying with plastic, you are never charged until the day of delivery. Your payment info can be kept on file so future orders are as quick as a call or email away.

We don’t recommend leaving cash outside for pickup if you will not be home when delivery is made. Checks can be left under a doormat or taped to your door.

To pay securely now use the Buy Now PayPal button below and enter the amount we provided you for your order.

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