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Dr. Kat

Animal Naturopath AND, Certified Ozone Technician, CECP, QFCT 


Wellness, Joy, & Peace are natural innate states.  My mission as a practitioner is to hold this truth, as a reminder of this state, thus igniting the process of auto adjustment and homeostasis.  Recognizing God's perfect creation of Health Mechanisms & Balance is true Healing & the totality of Health.



I have been going to see Kat Morrow for about a year. I have allergies and because of that, I get sinuses and ear infections. One year I remember going to doctor every 4 months. Same old diagnosis : allergies and  fluid behind ear drum. Started getting ozone treatment.

When I get ozone treatments my sinuses start draining and I start blowing my nose. What a relief! I figured out that I need to do ozone often and right when seasons change. Thank you Kat!


Janie Galvan


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